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Consultant (m/w/d)

Project Manager (m/w/d)

Developer (m/w/d)





Learn what it means to be a junior in consulting, project management or software engineering and build relationships with your clients. Be a knowledge broker and problem solver! Be flexible and quick on the uptake! Be innovative and willing to take risks! As a junior, you need a lot of different skills. Many of these skills can’t be taught at a university or during training courses, but only develop through increasing experience. It’s not a big deal, we will help you develop, you will gain many great experiences and mistakes are allowed. Contact us for your first personal interview.

Working student

As a working student, you will be part of a colorful agile team creating exciting projects on the topics of “Digitalization / AI” and thus contributing to the shaping of the future of WuWIT. In doing so, you will dive deep into your area of responsibilities and become part of our agile team. You should be creative and have the desire to implement your ideas in innovative IT solutions. Your pioneering spirit will keep you up to date with the latest technological trends and news. Become part of our special team and who knows what will happen after your studies.


We offer internships for all our departments for different durations. Depending on previous experiences, the team, as well as the intern, will try to find appropriate tasks together. It is not about fetching coffee or doing time. With us, you are a full-fledged member of our agile team from day one. In addition to an organizational, functional and technical SPOC, the entire agile team will help. We put you to work in a subject-specific way and guide you to do work independently. We provide all the necessary information and train you as well. Ultimately, we want to show you why we love our job so much and why we identify with it. You are welcome to contact us.


We offer you professional, technical, organizational and social development opportunities both nationally and internationally. We believe it is important to get to know the latest technologies and to work on your own projects with experienced mentors. In addition to WuWIT GmbH, you can also work in our subsidiaries, associated and cooperating companies. Everything is possible!

In return for your commitment, you will receive a collegial environment, flexibility in working hours, a permanent employment contract, appropriate compensation, a lot of creative freedom, flat hierarchies and appreciation. Take a look at our testimonials and our website and decide for yourself!

The path to becoming a senior; at what point are you a senior?

In other words, senior is the one that continuously generates high added value. The result is relevant! Where one senior generates the most added value by leading and moving his team forward, another is primarily a brilliant problem solver who develops excellent products, leads projects or advises customers, or is a visionary.

It’s all in the mix!

Even the most brilliant senior must be able to work in a team and understand his customer to deliver good results. Likewise, anyone who calls themselves a senior must be able to demonstrate deep programming skills, master project management methods, or be able to advise clients, no matter how good their other skills are. To summarize, you don’t automatically become a senior by having X years of work experience, but only by learning certain skills, namely professional, technical and social skills.