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on daily work life

Working at WuWIT is different in many ways.
The following points provide an overview of why we are different from other employers.

Flexible working hours, free expression of opinion & self-fulfillment.


Family and Work, Attentiveness & Balance, Health & Resilience.

Work - Life

Mutual trust, positive error culture, open & direct communication, acceptance.


Unadulterated & honest, empathetic, talent expression, critical thinking.


Solution-oriented thinking, innovation through creative performance.


Flat hierarchies, direct communication, continuous improvement, proximity to the customer.


Home office, environmentally friendly mobility, donations & commitment worldwide.


Global presence in different cultures, language areas, markets & industries.


Experience Report

Leonie Held

Leonie Held

Junior Projectmanager

After my last work experience in a solar energy project, I am very excited to start as a Junior Project Manager at WuWIT! My studies in economics, languages and global studies allow me to use my diverse interests and skills in project management. I was particularly convinced by WuWIT’s diverse, young team, as well as the mobile work. In addition, values such as sustainability, which are very close to my heart, are lived at WuWIT.

As an enthusiastic and communicative person, I am always happy about the opportunity to gain insights into different industries and to expand my network. I am proud to be part of the WuWIT team and look forward to new challenges with every project.

More than just business


"It's not enough to know - you also have to apply it. It is not enough to want - you also have to act."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Flexible way of working
Breaking free from traditional ways of thinking and taking advantage of the available options for working hours.
Mobile working is becoming the new normal, i.e. work to live and from anywhere around the world.
Psychological wellbeing, work mood, success and efficiency are becoming increasingly important.
Independent of location
The working environment has a great influence on the performance of the team; with us you are not tied to a specific location.
Health, physical wellbeing and responsible health management.
Positive thinking
Positive thinking is healthy, it makes you happy and it helps you succeed in your job as well as in your private life - mistakes are allowed.

Ibrahim Kordol

Student Employee

WuWIT captivated my interest the moment I heard about it. The organisation reflects modern practices, with a flat hierarchical structure and a strong emphasis on nurturing 21st-century skills. On my first day at the office, I received a warm and genuine welcome. The team embodies diversity, and individual values are highly respected and embraced.

Throughout my final thesis, I have been incredibly fortunate to receive invaluable mentorship and constructive feedback from the WuWIT team. Their expertise and willingness to invest time and effort in my thesis gave me the opportunity to elevate the quality of my work and broadened my perspectives on problem-solving approaches. Their guidance has truly been helpful in my personal growth and professional development.