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31174 Schellerten Germany
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Experience Report

Nicolette Kupczak

Assistant to the management

WuWIT GmbH is an employer that attaches great importance to valuing its employees, and I am particularly impressed by the young and colourful team. No one has to pretend here and their ideas are encouraged and taken seriously. The culture of error that is practised at WuWIT is also a great feel-good factor, because we are all people who make mistakes and we are allowed to do so here.

Not only the flexible working hours (work-life integration) and flat hierarchies, but also the strong commitment to social projects and sustainability make WuWIT a special employer.

Employees are offered countless opportunities to develop and grow together with WuWIT.

WuWIT is constantly endeavouring to develop and improve every day. However, we never lose sight of our employees, because the well-being of each individual comes first.

I look forward to working with WuWIT in the coming years and am excited to see what the future holds.


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    Experience Report

    Lutz Gudehus

    Consultant and Scrum Master

    In my last job, I found myself in non-changing structures for years. The opportunities for personal development were hard to come by. I am happy to have discovered WuWIT for myself and now I have the chance to work in a modern and agile company. What excited me right from the start was the open, transparent and, above all, appreciative way of communicating. After just a short time, you feel like you’ve arrived at the company and are engaged in dialog. Above all, I’m looking forward to the changing projects and ever new tasks that come my way. 

    After my last job in a conservative medium-sized company, a new task that challenges me is important to me. With the possibility to develop myself further and to be in exchange with people who have the same goal. Thanks to the flat hierarchy, every employee can exert influence and contribute to the development of WuWIT. What sounds too good to be true for many is lived here.