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Human Resources

We offer services in consulting, project management and development for various industries and in a wide range of roles.

In-house Products

We develop sustainable digital software solutions such as apps in the aviation industry and AI products in the IT industry.

Artificial Intelligence


Experience report

Christoph Peters


Experience report

WuWIT captured me with a family, positive and supportive atmosphere. After becoming a part of the team, nothing has changed about the feeling among and with each other that I gained upon getting to know them. The company does not bend, but is simply authentic and open-minded!

My mentor and colleagues make it very easy for me to arrive at the company and find my way around. As soon as I have a problem or get stuck, I always find open ears and support! Well-being as an employee is a top priority here.

For me, the most important point that makes me feel good at WuWIT: appreciation is lived here!