Focus on your core business – We Do The Rest.


The experience and expertise of WuWIT Consulting at your side. We advise you and your company in challenging times.


The experience and expertise of WuWIT Consulting at your side. We advise you and your company in challenging times.

Our offer

At WuWIT Consulting, the center of attention is the people.

Our goal has always been to bring in a different perspective and to sharpen the focus on the essentials. This means, today, more than ever, to challenge standardized thinking patterns.

We develop customized solutions that help our clients successfully manage disruption and transformation, and so emerge stronger from difficult situations.

Our consulting fields

Crisis Management

Recognition & elimination of dangers
We are at your side to help you in the event of disruption. Whether it is early crisis detection, crisis avoidance or crisis elimination – we are there for you in every situation. Through our expertise from our various previous projects, we know how to successfully deal with risks/problems and pass it on to you.


The change becomes an opportunity
The digital Transformation requires companies to deal with Internet-based solutions and implement them correctly.
In this, we see the potential to structure your company better and more efficiently, so that you can focus again on your core business.

Process Optimization

Understand & improve your own operations
Process-flow forms the foundation of companies and ensures productivity and utilization of capacity. With our expertise from a wide range of industries, we bring an external perspective and in a close collaboration we create new solutions. WuWIT Consulting finds ways to optimize your processes and take them to the next level.


Personal data may basically be transferred to a third country if only the country in question guarantees an adequate level of protection for the data. The Privacy Shield was intended to legitimize data transfers to the USA. With the termination of the Privacy-Shield agreement by the ECJ, European companies are now in need of ways out. We help them to find the right solution.

Who we are

WuWIT Consulting was founded in 2019 as the 3rd division in the WuWIT GmbH and has established itself with holistic management consulting in various industries. Our special feature is, that alongside our individualized support, we also bring with us our expertise and we break through old ways of thinking.

Our diversity is expressed through interdisciplinary teams as well as through comprehensive know-how and extensive further training. We have great project experience working together with international freelancers and multiple co-operations along with participations at home as well as abroad to ensure the best possible consulting.

Experience Report

Luca Baumgart

After working as a student trainee at Wuwit for quite some time, my studies came to an end this year. On this occasion, I started looking into potential employers and opportunities. With my bachelor’s degree in economics, a double scholarship and a lot of practical experience through my Wuwit work experience, I finally decided to join WuWIT as a permanent employee.
At WuWIT, I can contribute to a great community, freely develop my potential and have very good career prospects such as exciting projects. I am currently working on my first project with customers in change management and I am already taking on a lot of responsibility.
I am happy to have made this decision and would do it again every time.