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Digital software solutions.

Industry 4.0 / 5.0
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The digital shift is quite irregular on all the different branches. We facilitate you with a big range of solutions.
With us, you reliably meet your goal.

Without a shield
without a plan

A key to success lies in data protection and data privacy. With the dismissal of the EU-US Privacy-Shields, there is currently a shortage of solutions. Our products and our counseling offer you a way out.


An agile structuring sets the foundation of our way of thinking in all corporate divisions of WuWIT. Through holistic practice, we want our portfolio to long-lastingly improve the world.


All of our team members embody WuWIT’s norms and values. By means of a collaborative approach, we abide by a philosophy of business that we reflect on our practices, which makes us stand out.


With our services we offer you client-fitted solutions for your business, and we look after your satisfaction. We adjust according to individual demands and we resolve problems quickly, reliable and professionally.

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With every 500 clicks, WuWIT plants 4 new trees!

Clicks: 25433

Planted trees: 280

Tree Donation

Help us with a click on our website!

With every 500 clicks, WuWIT plants 4 new trees!

Clicks: 19819

Planted trees: 260

Tree Donation

Help us with a click on our website!

With every 500 clicks, WuWIT plants 4 new trees!

Clicks: 19867

Planted trees: 260


Digitalization establishes new business models and represents the corporative and economic shift.
Learn more about our products and our solutions:
We are an agile organization with a dynamic & flexible team; therefore we are able to respond to shifting frame conditions.
Starting from your current state, we accompany you towards your business goals, factoring in your internal and external influences.
Start Ups
We cooperate with new and agile ventures, which utilize innovative business ideas and provide great growth potential.
Artificial Intelligence
A.I. is a key technology for the future, which we have already implemented on the field, in the form of products.
Industry 4.0 / 5.0
Interconnected systems that exchange information and cleverly communicate with one another are represented via cryptography products.
We take legal requirements for data protection and security very seriously and we provide in order for your data to be protected.
We grow with our customers

25 Years
Experience and more

In the year 2018 WuWIT came to life. The qualifications and reputation among clients, have allowed our team to build more than 500 years of project expertise in the span of the past few years. Amongst others, our clients are listed companies as well as middle class businesses from different fields.

We grow with our customers: alongside services in project-management, consulting and software engineering, we also create innovative and sustainable products. These include digital software solutions such as apps in the aviation sector and A.I.-products in all fields.


We know and feel that our decisions and actions are the right ones.
We know and feel that our decisions and actions are the right ones.

Design Thinking

We enable creative and systematic ways to resolve your problems.
Design Thinking
We enable creative and systematic ways to resolve your problems.


Via numerous projects, we are currently collaborating worldwide in various sectors.
Via numerous projects, we are currently collaborating worldwide in various sectors.

What employees
say about us

Best decision!
Mike Weissbecker, Project Manager
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What drew me to become part of WuWIT is the unique organizational culture. As a project manager, it offers me the perfect environment through continuing education and a mentor to achieve my goal of becoming well-rounded in project management. The flat hierarchies and active living of the Agile framework make WuWIT so special.

WuWIT is a modern employer with an eye for continuous improvement and adapting to the ever-changing times, not only as a company but also as an individual. WuWIT gives each individual the freedom to expand their skills and thus achieve their own professional goals. In addition, the opportunity to actively participate in various projects not only brings variety to my daily work routine, but also gives me the chance to grow with each practical experience I gain in different areas. At WuWIT, everyone is motivated to voice their opinions and suggestions, so everyone can contribute to the growth and vision. With an open mind and a cosmopolitan attitude towards each other, WuWIT is more than just a great career choice, but rather a close-knit team!

Appreciation & Perspective
Katharina Iderhoff, Project Manager
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Before joining WuWIT GmbH, I worked as a PM, trainer for CRM and sales topics in an international medium-sized company. Back then I was inspired by the combination of technology, IT and distribution strategies.

When I heard that WuWIT GmbH is building a cross-industry digitalization division, it immediately piqued my interest. The new project approaches, which include Design Thinking, Agile methods and a much more interactive collaboration with the customer in addition to classic methods, immediately appealed to me. Also my very positive gut-feeling after meeting the team confirmed it – here I will not just work on projects, we will also build our team through activities like a rafting events, glacier rope-hiking in Austria, gathering sessions or after work drinks!

In the meantime, I have already worked on several digital transformation projects. The costumers so far have been a chemical company and service providers from the aviation sector.

I highly value and cherish this company. Here the words appreciation, work-life-integration, authenticity, empathy and trust are written in CAPITAL letters.

A great opportunity!
Matthias Koza, Senior Product Owner
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After more than 11 years in a global corporation, I could hardly imagine myself working for a different employer. Especially not changing to a smaller company. However, after I experienced the fantastic working environment, the colleagues and the philosophy of the company from the inside, I made up my mind quickly.

I was convinced not only by the amazing working atmosphere and the fact that there were always new, varying and interesting assignments, but also because of the chance to be a part of the discussion and the ability to make a difference in the company. The WuWIT team is young and colorful and the flat hierarchies offer plenty of room for your own ideas and the opportunity to develop yourself.
I have not for a minute regretted my decision to change to WuWIT, because the whole package just works!


Together we shape The Future

Due to our growth, we are in search of new team members.

With one click at the button below, you will be directed to our career-site.

Bring your business
to the Next Level

With a personal talk and based on your current status, we can find out how we can deliver the outmost benefits for your enterprise.

WuWIT considers itself the central enabler – the guide for the necessary digital transformation.

Satisfied Customers

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Satisfied Employees


Employees (permanent & freelancers)


  • Authorities
  • Automotive
  • Aviation
  • Banks
  • Chemistry
  • Consulting
  • Energy
  • Health
  • Logistics
  • Pharmacy
  • eCommerce
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Real Estate

AuthoritiesTraining project management

Training for project management in an administrative academy in the public sector.


Development of digital software solutions for a local authority in the data center of the financial administration.

AuthoritiesArtificial intelligence

Implementation of an SDLC project with the support of nationwide funding in the field of digitization & artificial intelligence.

AutomotiveProject Management Office

PMO in an international car company.

AutomotiveProject Management

Project manager in a large international company that deals with vehicle data management systems.

AutomotiveProduct Owner

Product owner for the new development of an eRetrobuss in an international automotive group.


Development and maintenance of
Identity access management and ERM systems
for customers of a manufacturer in the automotive industry.


Product owner and consultant at a global automotive group in the field of commercial fleet leasing.

AutomotiveRequirements Management

Product owner for three fleet projects by an international German automotive group.

AviationFull-Service App Development

Agile full-service app development for the digitization and optimization of aviation processes on all platforms.

Finance & CommerceMigration management

Management of two migrations of eArchive databases,> 45,000,000 documents, into a new archive system at two large banks.

Finance & CommerceConsulting

Consulting in a global company for the centralization of transaction systems.

ChemistryAgile developments

Agile development of software solutions with artificial intelligence as part of searches that can be used in any industry.

ChemistryCarve Out location

Carve out of more than 150 global locations with over 6000 employees as TPL, TM and SPOC .

ConsultingProduct Owner

Product owner in one of the most successful accounting firms in the world for the development of innovative products.

ConsultingProduct Development

Product development in the field of cloud and IT security using the associative technology.

EnergyEngagement Manager

Engagement Manager for Nearshore / Offshore with the third largest energy provider in Germany.

EnergyProject Management Office

PMO at an established energy provider.

HealthBusiness Analyst

Business analyst and PMO in a multinational company that specializes in personal care products and wants to optimize its sustainability aspects.

HealthProject Management

Business analyst and PMO in a multinational company that specializes in personal care products and wants to optimize its sustainability aspects.


Web developer at one of the largest rail companies in Germany.

LogisticsAgile Development

Agile Development of a platform for displaying construction site planning in a listed German group.

LogisticsTurnaround Management

Turnaround management in a project for package logistics at a German listed logistics group.

LogisticsProject Management

Project management, advice and development of a passenger information system in a top stock corporation.

LogisticsScrum Master

Project management, advice and development of a passenger information system in a top stock corporation.

LogisticsSenior Project Management

Senior project manager for a digitization project at the largest Austrian railway company.

LogisticsBusiness Analyst

Business analyst at the largest German rail company.

PharmacySenior Project Mangement

Senior PM at Europe’s largest pharmaceutical retailer to build an IT hub in Sofia, Bulgaria.

PharmacyLead PO

Lead PO for more than 60 employees in a major eCommerce project with a project budget of 5 million euros.


Troubleshooter for Covid-19 test centers in Germany.

Retail & eCommerceCircle Manager

Circle Manager at an international retail group for the implementation of an all-in-one solution for different e-commerce customers.

Retail & eCommerceProject Management

Two of our employees worked as project managers and senior PM at a European retail company in Austria.

Retail & eCommerceSaaS Initiator

Development of two B2B chemical web shops on a cloud basis (SaaS) with> 20,000 users as project / release / test managers.

Retail & eCommerceShop Development

Shop development including online marketing for an eCommerce web agency based on a globally recognized professional shop system.

Retail & eCommerceProduct Owner

Product owner for the further development of the employee software of a nationwide successful company in the field of hearing aids and glasses.

Retail & eCommerceProduct Management

Product management for the construction, expansion and optimization of marketplaces.

Retail & eCommerceProject Management B2B

Project management for an international company in the B2B area, which develops eBusiness solutions.

TelecommunicationsTransition Management

Transition management for an international team with> 100 employees to send legally secure emails.

InsuranceScrum Master

Scrum Master at an international insurance company with a project budget of over 10 million euros.

ManufacturingProject Management

Development and implementation of a global sales strategy as a project manager / trainer in an international company.

ManufacturingWebsite Development

Website development for a medium-sized company electronics company.


Senior Projektmanager für ein Digitalisierungsprojekt bei dem größten österreichischen Bahnunternehmen.


Troubleshooter für Covid-19 Testzentren in Deutschland.


Website-Entwicklung für ein Mittelstandselektronik Unternehmen.


Product Owner für drei Fuhrparkprojekte eines international agierenden deutschen Automobilkonzerns.


Product Owner und Consultant bei einem weltweit agierenden Automobilkonzern im Bereich gewerbliches Fuhrparkleasing.


Lead PO für mehr als 60 Mitarbeiter in einem eCommerce Großprojekt mit einem Projektbudget größer 5 Millionen Euro.

Künstliche Intelligenz

Umsetzung eines SDLC Projekts mit Unterstützung von landesweiten Fördermitteln im Bereich Digitalisierung & künstliche Intelligenz.


Shopentwicklung einschließlich Online Marketing für eine eCommerce Webagentur auf Basis eines weltweit anerkannten professionellen Shop Systems.

Finanzen & Handel

Consulting in einem weltweit agierenden Unternehmen für die Zentralisierung von Transaktionssystemen.


Carve out von mehr als 150 globalen Standorten mit über 6000 Mitarbeitern als TPL, TM und SPOC.

Pharmazie & Medizin

Projektmanagement in einem weltweit agierenden Pharmazie, Medizin  und Konsumgüterunternehmen mit Hauptsitz in Amerika.


Produktentwicklung im Bereich Cloud- und IT-Sicherheit unter Nutzung der Assoziativtechnologie.


Aufbau zweier B2B-Chemie Webshops auf Cloud Basis (SaaS) mit > 20.000 Usern als Projekt-/Release-/Testmanager.


Entwicklung und Wartung von
Identity-Access-Management- und ERM-Systemen
für Kunden eines Herstellers in der Automobilindustrie.


Agile Full-Service App-Entwicklung für die Digitalisierung und Optimierung von Luftfahrtprozessen auf allen Plattformen.


Projektmanagement für ein international tätiges Unternehmen im B2B Bereich, welches eBusiness-Lösungen entwickelt.


Product Owner in einer der erfolgreichsten Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft auf der Welt für die Entwicklung von innovativen Produkten.


Entwicklung von digitalen Softwarelösungen für eine örtliche Behörde im Rechenzentrum der Finanzverwaltung.


Scrum Master für die Entwicklung einer Kommunikationsplattform für Baumaßnahmen.


Produktmanagement für den Aufbau, den Ausbau und die Optimierung der Marktplätze.


Agile Entwicklung von Softwarelösungen mit Künstlicher Intelligenz im Rahmen von Suchen, die in jeder Branche einsetzbar sind.


Projektmanagement, Beratung und Entwicklung eines Fahrgastinformationssystems in einem Top-Aktienunternehmen.


Transitionmanagement für ein internationales Team mit > 100 Mitarbeiter, um rechtssichere Mails zu versenden.


Aufbau und Umsetzung einer Global Sales Strategy als Projektmanager / Trainer in einem internationalen Unternehmen.


Management von zwei Migrationen von eArchiv-Datenbeständen, > 45.000.000 Dokumenten, in ein neues Archivsystem bei zwei großen Banken.


Turnaround Management in einem Projekt für die Paket-Logistik bei einem deutschen börsennotierten Logistikkonzern.


Training für Projektmanagement in einer Verwaltungsakademie im öffentlichen Bereich.

Transport & Logistik

Agile Entwicklung einer Plattform zur Anzeige von Baustellenplanungen in einem börsennotierten deutschen Konzern.

Concept of online shop, online shopping. Isometric image of phone, Bank card and shopping bag on blue background. 3d flat design. Vector illustration.

Retail & E-Commerce

Circle Manager bei einem internationalen Retailkonzern für die Umsetzung einer All-In-One-Lösung für unterschiedliche E-Commerce-Kunden.


Retail & E-Commerce

Zwei unserer Mitarbeiter wurden als Projektmanager und Senior PM bei einem europäischen Retail-Unternehmen in Österreich tätig.

Pharmacy Drugstore: Beautiful Caucasian Pharmacist Uses Digital Tablet Computer, Checks Inventory of Medicine, Drugs, Vitamins, Health Care Products on a Shelf. Professional Pharmacist in Pharma Store


Senior PM bei Europas größtem Pharmahändler zum Aufbau eines IT-Hubs in Sofia, Bulgarien.

Noordoostpolder Netherlands April 2019,  couple watching the Sunrise over the meadow during Spring season


Product Owner für die Neuentwicklung eines eRetrobusses in einem internationalen Automobilkonzern.

Insurance concept. Wooden blocks with insurance icons. family, life, car, travel, health and house insurance icons. blue background with copy space


Scrum Master bei einem internationalen Versicherungsunternehmen mit einem Projektbudget von über 10 Millionen Euro.

Government Surveillance Agency and Military Joint Operation. Male Agent, Female and Male Military Officers Working at System Control Center.

IT & Militär

PMO in verschiedenen IT-Projekten im Bereich Militär.

Natural cosmetics and leaves on light background

Körperpflege und Nachhaltigkeit

Business Analyst und PMO in einem multinationalen Unternehmen, das auf Körperpflegeprodukte spezialisiert und seine Nachhaltigkeitsaspekte optimieren möchte.

Beautiful railway station with modern high speed red commuter train with motion blur effect at sunset. Railroad. Vintage toning. Railroad travel background, tourism. Industrial

Schienenverkehr und Logistik

Webentwickler bei einem der größten Unternehmen im Schienenverkehr in Deutschland.

Hearing Aid And Audiology. Handicap And Disability Aid


Product Owner für die Weiterentwicklung der Mitarbeitersoftware eines bundesweit erfolgreichen Unternehmens im Bereich Hörgeräte und Brillen.

Modern car LED headlight and parking sensor


Projektleiterin in einem großen internationalen Unternehmen, das sich mit Fahrzeugdatenmanagement Systemen befasst.


PMO in einem internationalen Autokonzern.

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