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Software Engineering

We help you develop digital business models. Consulting. Software Engineering. Training & Operations. Optimization. Areas of activity: software development, training & coaching, product development.

Our offer

Software development for web, desktop and app

We support your business with individual & modern software solutions (back-end/front-end/interface development), from the development of a prototype to the finished solution based on standard software or an individual solution.

The development of modern cloud-based web applications for all media or apps on OS x- and Android-platform are our main focus.

Agile or classic! Bring our experience into your company. We help you to develop digital business models. Consulting, development, quality assurance, security, optimization, training & operations and assistance support. WuWIT can either support your projects in all roles/topics or handle entire projects for you, from start to finish.

All our developers/architects/technical consultants or other involved parties are up to date on the technologies used, constantly educating themselves and using the developmental languages that are state of the art and fitted best.

Many years of experience, future-proof and simple!

Our Topics


Digital transformation offers many opportunities for all companies across every industry and sector. Technological progress is rapid and is changing the way we inform ourselves, we communicate and we consume. This change offers greater prosperity and quality of life for all, provided it is implemented with ethical and moral values and in a socially responsible manner.

WuWIT addresses these new and changing business models by digitizing paper processes or optimizing other business processes.


On Nov. 15, 2018, the federal government approved its artificial intelligence strategy. AI involves transferring human learning and thinking to computers to give them intelligence. Just as with digital transformation, AI will change our entire lives. Initial approaches can be seen in the automotive industry, but also in cryptography.

We are taking up AI in the context of software solutions and product development, thus creating further practical examples that will be of great benefit to society.

Further Topics

In addition to the topics mentioned above, our developers are also active in many other industries and sectors. These include web applications in the eCommerce sector, further individual solutions in logistics, aviation and IT, in databases at public administrations and also in the standard software sector.
In these topics older programming languages as well as state of the art languages are applied.

For more information please visit the project portfolio section on our homepage and contact us for further details.

Who are we

The Software Engineering division was founded along with WuWIT GmbH, expanded and has since been successful in many development and product design projects.

We are very well trained specialists in the field of software development with the most diverse characteristics in the different types of software development, constantly educating ourselves and being successful.

The following types of software development describe our areas of activity:

  • Back End Development
  • Software Tools Development
  • API Development
  • Embedded Systems Development
  • Security Software Development
  • Cloud Computing
  • Mobile Development
  • Web Development

According to Events Data Corporation, the number of developers worldwide rose to more than 25 million, including approximately 901,000 developers in Germany. Germany therefore leads the EU, even though many jobs remain unfilled. In the EU, the shortage of software developers is said to be about 500,000.

We are working to change this. Become part of the team, regardless of gender, nationality and development level.

Experience report

Marcel Wrona


Working at WuWIT allows me to reconcile my individual interests, values and convictions within my profession.
Here, flat hierarchies and close team ties are not only on paper, but are lived company-wide. The diverse range of interesting projects and various internal workshops allows me to continuously gain valuable experience and constantly improve my skills.
The focus on sustainability and environmental protection, which runs through all areas of the company, is very important to me.
This and much more proves to me every day anew that the decision to work for WuWIT was the right one.